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Do you spend more than 15 minutes daily typing or re-typing text?

Imagine, you see a large amount of text on your desktop, but there's no way you can copy it to the clipboard and subsequently deal with it: a messagebox, a flash animation, a program menu or help text, a graphic picture, a listing of Windows Explorer folders, or some words or figures protected by a "script", for some reason it just cannot be copied to the clipboard? No way really?

With Screen Capture Text, you won't have to re-type anything.
You can select text with the regular (rectangular) selection tool and let the character recognition solution do the rest!
In less than a second Capture Text (character recognizer) automatically scans the selected area, recognizes the text and saves it to the clipboard.
All you need to do then is to paste it into any document!

It's up to you of course to believe it or not, but then why don't you try this screen capture and text recognition solution?
It's free to use for a 21-day trial period. If you decide to keep it all you have to do is to pay a fee and you will receive a key that unlocks the program.
You can try it out right now, for free. Download now!

Interested? Read more about Capture Text solution.

If you like the program and wish to keep it, Order Now!
It's only $29.95, with 30 days moneyback guarantee, no questions asked.

Screen Capture

Capture Screen Text    recognizes any text displayed on the desktop and saves it to clipboard, so you can work with it.

Capture Screen    recognizes letters, punctuation, and numbers. If you select graphics it translates it as letters and punctuation.

Capture Text    captures and recognizes URLs as well as the scanned blocks of text - no need to use conventional expensive OCR programs.

Screen Capture    screen capture performs quickly - about 1.5 second for a full screen of text

Capture OCR Text
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